Property Consultancy Services

Property Consultancy Services

Funding your investment correctly is a key part of successful investing, and your finance arrangements have a huge impact on cash flow.

Our free property consultancy services aim to help you identify and prioritise your goals and objectives and explain the concepts of equity, negative gearing, leveraging and capital growth, so that you can make an informed decision about whether property investment is the right fit for you.

ASR Property Investment can guide you by providing a complimentary consultation to assist you with:

  • Sourcing funding for your property purchases.
  • Reviewing your existing mortgage(s) to ensure you have the best product, the best rates and the best structure.
  • Reviewing your financial health to give you a snapshot of where your finances are at; and to help you to reduce debt and save on your interest payments.
  • Protecting your assets through provision of an on call loan facility?
  • Restructuring your debt to improve cash flow.

Over the term of a mortgage, an incorrect structure or the wrong product could cost you thousands of dollars. That’s why regular review of your loans, savings plans and payment structures, in line with your financial goals, is so important.


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